How do you view the World Around You?

I read a very interesting book titled The War of Art by Steven Pressfield last year.  While the target audience for the book are mostly those involved in the creative arts I found it to be applicable to anyone, thanks to the general approach he employed. Pressfield addresses a number of issues including procrastination, resistance, egotism, work […]

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5 type of friends to avoid

The late Jim Rohn once said that ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’ This statement might be a cliché but  is not far from the truth. Friends are such a wonderful thing and we all need them . As human beings we were designed to connect with other […]

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Stop Wasting Time Simping

Most guys today are  controlled by the woman’s vagina. Simping or Sympathetic-Pimping has become a modern day epidemic affecting many boys and pimps. When you get a girl’s number and text her multiple times despite not getting a response from her chances are you are simping. When you spend  hours of your precious time chatting to your […]

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